National Coverage and Diversity Advantages

In 2009, Just Temps became the Baltimore / Washington area’s member of The Alliance of National Staffing and Employment Resources (ANSERTEAM). ANSERTEAM is a member owned network of the top independently owned staffing companies in the United States and Canada. ANSERTEAM was formed to provide clients with national access to an elite team of independent staffing providers. Localized, boutique quality service and entrepreneurial flexibility and accountability are the cornerstones of ANSERTEAM'S value proposition within the national staffing marketplace. When you choose ANSERTEAM you’re choosing a national staffing solution that saves your company time and money, improves labor efficiency and increases diversity.

In 2011, Anserteam and Just Temps was awarded the Diverse Supplier of the Year by Sodexo, the 21st largest employer in the world. To read more click here.

To learn more about Anserteam and how we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their diversity goals through utilizing Just Temps as a staffing partner: